Has your mind ever been a blank?
Mine has.
Feeling death close at hand is a very powerful mind blank, just like the burst of a flash stopping time and people’s breath.
At times, I have been scared; other times, lost.
And some other times, hopeful, like today.

A white bed sheet; pure, peaceful, healing… ready to get dirty of life.
A blank page, freezing the writer, but inviting the child at the same time to create the world with colorful crayons.
A generous blank canvas, reflecting light and opening up to take in everything we want to express.

This is my blank moment right now.
The calendar announces that I am already over forty and that I have wandered the world so much that I have made it go nuts. And to stay sane, I held on to music.
I have started to play more, to improvise more, but in the end…, composing.
Tons of musical notes come out of my fingers, just like water running down from a faucet.

What for? And for whom?
Blank moments become meaningful because they are for you, to hug you, to make you feel I’m there, close to you.
To fill your time, your space, your silence with sounds.

Blank moments are like fragments of life.
A blank page to make mistakes and rewrite ourselves again.
An intimate encounter with our emotions. The perfect occasion to ask for forgiveness, to thank you, to say I love you.

“Blank” is like baggage full of life lessons, places and special people.
A journey from one side to the other side of myself…; till I found myself.
Enjoy the journey.
Leave your mind blank and walk with me.



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