In music and in life…
Music has been a guide for me, a helper, an executioner, a friend, an enemy, my alter ego, a lifesaver.
It has always been with me. Even in the blind and dry and silent years, music has sat in a corner waiting to give me a hug.
It has led me to the people I love most. It has made me laugh a lot and cry more.

In life and in music I have changed course a thousand times.
I have played all kinds of music in the most unsuspected places.
I have given classes of all kinds and to all kinds of people, and to small people.

In life and with music I have moved eleven times. I have lived in French, I have gotten used to being with myself and I have learned to love myself a little more.
And through quantum leaps, heroic moves and beautiful loves, I have understood that structures strangle me.

‘You’re a bird, Lau. Face it’, a distant love once told me.
And he was right. Now I see my wings.
So, as the game says: Never have I ever…

Never have I ever wanted to lead an “accepted” lifestyle. (How about you?)

Meanwhile, in life and in music, I keep improvising.


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